Amazon’s collaboration with ISDMR signals a strategic step towards nurturing digital marketing expertise, bridging academia and industry for cutting-edge solutions in the digital realm. This partnership promises to cultivate a new generation of adept professionals, blending theoretical knowledge with practical insights from one of the world’s leading e-commerce giants.

Flipkart’s alliance with ISDMR underscores a commitment to fostering digital marketing proficiency, amalgamating academic rigor with real-world application, poised to shape the future of e-commerce innovation. This collaboration heralds a dynamic ecosystem where theoretical insights meet practical challenges, nurturing adept professionals equipped to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Meesho’s collaboration with ISDMR pioneers a synergy between grassroots entrepreneurship and cutting-edge digital marketing education, empowering aspiring business owners with the tools to thrive in the online marketplace. This partnership signals a transformative journey, where academic excellence meets practical insights, driving forward a new era of inclusive digital commerce.

MVC Global partnership with ISDMR heralds a fusion of international expertise and digital marketing education, fostering a global perspective in navigating the complexities of modern marketing landscapes. Together, they forge a path towards excellence, bridging theory and practice to shape the next generation of digital marketing leaders.


Clini India’s collaboration with ISDMR signifies a convergence of healthcare innovation and digital marketing education, aiming to revolutionize the way medical services are marketed and accessed. This partnership promises to equip healthcare professionals with the skills needed to navigate the digital realm, enhancing patient engagement and advancing medical practices.